We Know Where Our Towel Is!

Hello everyone.

In these interesting times it can be hard for the self employed small businesses to keep going.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say we are fully stocked on metal and moulds and still continuing to spin. This however is at a greatly reduced rate. We have gone from 3 staff down to just myself for the foreseeable future (but I am mega awesome though right?).

The vast majority of the community has been outstanding in their support as we all come to grips with what is the ‘new way of life’ for the time being.

We will continue to work as long as the post offices remain open (as some of you know we have a good relationship with our local postmaster).

We have to continue to work and we appreciate all the support. To that end we will also be running a Kickstarter project soon building on our release earlier this year. Sculptors like Bob and Alessio and artists like David Stafford have contributed to this next one and we are really excited!

If anyone needs to contact us please email macrocosm.miniatures@gmail.com

All the best


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