Temporary Closed

Hello all.We have taken everything out of stock for the next few weeks while we work on clearing our backlog or orders and Kickstarters.We are hoping it wont take to much longer to get on top of things here.Thanks for the support.
Space Dwarf Beastmen!

Space Dwarf Beastmen!

The Beastmen are here.Limited in number we have released them to the website today. Shipping in June when we get back.https://www.macrocosm.co.uk/product/space-dwarf-beastmen

Time Off

As many of you know we have not had time off this last year, this includes weekends. 4 days over christmas was spent dealing with flooding.We have decided to start reducing the workload with a view to taking most of May off.With this in mind we will be closing the webstore in 2 weeks 17th of April with an aim to complete all outstanding orders the following week.We will continue to work on our kickstarters and delivery.Casting clients will see a reduced service of existing moulds and we will not be starting any new project moulds from May 1st till we are back from our break. We have begun to notify clients who have gotten in touch about availability.It has been a very hard year and I hope you are all...

Webstore Open!

Hello all,Our webstore is open again and we will be processing orders midway through January.Thanks for your patience and custom!Chris

Seasonal Opening Times And Post.

Hi everyone,Just echoing the posts on Facebook as we are being asked a bit about post. We have cast and packed all orders and Kickstarters (that have responded to requests for information). Most went out before the postal lockdown but a good 30 are here and going into the system today (we were going to hold off till it was confirmed that post is leaving the island but people seem insistent).We are closed until the 11th of January. Well thats what our Facebook said however as always there have been requests for us to continue working so after a very stressful 4 days off (first in a year), which had floods, tiles off roofs, many emails/messages about postage and other assorted issues we are going back to work behind the scenes. We are keeping everything out of stock on the website till we know what is happening regarding...
They Have Returned!

They Have Returned!

We are pleased to announce that the ranges of The Digger Corps and The Legion of Steel have returned to the ranks of Macrocosm Miniatures.The Digger corps was the 1st range of Space Dwarves that we released and both ranges are making a welcome return to us. We have put them up for sale now with a view to casting them after the Christmas period. Please support us and grab a set (or 2 or 3) and we can continue to bring you fantastic miniatures for your...

New Releases! Space Dwarves Bikers and More!

Hello all,We are pleased to announce that our Space Dwarves range has received new releases in the form of Bikers!These miniatures sculpted by Bob Olley have been released on sale today.Head on over to our Space dwarf category...

General Update

Hello everyone,We have a few housekeeping points.1. Plastic Bases. We will be updating our shop to confirm that we will no longer be providing bases with out products. It has been increasingly difficult to get a reliable supply. We will supply whatever stock we have left (mostly 30mm lipped bases).2. The Dark Tower.The resin mould for this set is being remade and should be completed soon. Hopefully we will be able to post out the 3 orders in the que next week.3.Space Dwarves Kickstarters.We have been running a few Kickstarters this year for Space Dwarves and we will be running another the end of this month (after we have shipped out the last of the previous pledges.). The store has all the released ones on it and will be updated with the bikers by the end of the month.4. Retiring Ranges. The following ranges are going to be retired end of June.Old Salt – Dwarves, Cutu, Orcs, Pi Rats, Goblins and Halflings.Goblin Hood.Space Orcs.The moulds and masters will be stored safely. We may consider selling the ranges to another company to keep them going but for now we need the focus and space for the expansions of...