Store Closing September To November!

Store Closing September To November!

Hello Folks.

Its been a while since we posted any news on here but lets cover a few topics.

1. We will be closing the store for the next few months in order to give us time to process the Bonefields Kickstarter and clean up the shop. All outstanding orders will go out 1st week in September so if there is anything you need better get your order in now. We will also be taking on a challenge of running 4 Half Marathons in 4 weeks during this period. As a life challenge its a pretty hefty one which we will have to focus on! Casting and Mouldmaking will not be effected during this period.

We are raising money for a charity on one of the runs.

2. Speaking of Bonefields we are in the last stages of bringing it all together. The book itself is being laid out and we are just taking the last of the photos this week to slot into the job. Once the layout is completed in a few weeks we will be able to go to print and order the boxes. The last resin moulds have been made and will be run very soon. So end of September is looking like the completion date for the game with pledges going out the door now for those without the Book or boxed game on their list.

3. The Sci-Fi ranges we produced have been sold off to several different companies. We are working closely with them and there are games in the works which sound really exciting. So watch this space. We would also like to stress that the sale of these ranges allows us to focus our attention on our own system and allow us to eventually create rules for all our fantasy ranges in Ancient Grudges.

So that covers everything from us for the time being.
We will attempt to keep things a little bit more up to date.

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