Postage Increases

Postage Prices Changed.

It is with a heavy heart that we have to change the postage prices on the website for Europe and the rest of the world.Our flat rate now includes tracking. The price is based on royal mail prices we dont get any discount for being such a small business and we will be losing money on these. Over the past year we have had to refund nearly 1 in 3 orders to Italy and Spain. The rest of Europe hasnt been as bad. This has cost us a lot in time, stress and money.USA and Australia 1 in 5. It has never been this bad and only since Brexit has this been occurring on this scale.

UK prices remain the same.

We know this will put off people wishing to place small orders. Please contact us if you are looking to order 1 or 2 small items.


  1. Hallo..
    When does is Continue ..?‍
    Last Time i Send you a Question about „Jumppack DWARVES“..?
    Greatings from Gefmany
    Mike E

    • Hello… There are some Jump Pack dwarves with the painter now……..

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