General Update

Hello everyone,
We have a few housekeeping points.

1. Plastic Bases.
We will be updating our shop to confirm that we will no longer be providing bases with out products. It has been increasingly difficult to get a reliable supply. We will supply whatever stock we have left (mostly 30mm lipped bases).

2. The Dark Tower.
The resin mould for this set is being remade and should be completed soon. Hopefully we will be able to post out the 3 orders in the que next week.

3.Space Dwarves Kickstarters.
We have been running a few Kickstarters this year for Space Dwarves and we will be running another the end of this month (after we have shipped out the last of the previous pledges.). The store has all the released ones on it and will be updated with the bikers by the end of the month.

4. Retiring Ranges.
The following ranges are going to be retired end of June.
Old Salt – Dwarves, Cutu, Orcs, Pi Rats, Goblins and Halflings.
Goblin Hood.
Space Orcs.
The moulds and masters will be stored safely. We may consider selling the ranges to another company to keep them going but for now we need the focus and space for the expansions of Bonefields.

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