Bonefields – A Fantasy Game By Macrocosm

Greetings everyone.

Last month we announced that we would be releasing our very own boxed game in the new year.  I think its probably past time that we introduce it a bit more.

Bonefields is a 2 player boxed game that introduces the rules system ‘Ancient Grudges’ to the tabletop.
Set in a fantasy world, you take control of your own Undead Warbands, animated using Necromantic powers to continue the ancient war between the races of Dwarves and Goblins.

The battlefields are littered with the bodies of fallen warriors you will raise to fill your Warbands as you go raiding against your opponents for resources and to settle grudges of eons past.

The boxed game contains 2 starting Warbands to help you get started. Each Warband contains 8 warriors with various weapons and armor, lead by either a Necromancer or a Vampire.

The rules are currently undergoing some extensive playtesting with members of the community putting together their own Warbands for games.

Below is an example of David Staffords growing Dwarf Warband.


We will start to talk about the rules mechanics later in the month but for now we hope you like the sound of it.

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