Brief History

During the time of the Great Hegira the great stellar mining vessels of the Terran Mining Corps took to the stars and launched beyond the borders of the Solar System into the great black expanses beyond, in search of adventure and great fortune. Of course, once the true conspiracy of the Solar Alliance was revealed, the Kuiper Exclusion Zone was activated and those groups that had chosen to leave the system were forever exiled to the cold darkness of space.

The Terran Mining Corps was better suited than many of their sister ships from other groups, to the rigours of outer space survival. Their mining vessels were designed to plunder the riches of asteroids and moons. However, the people themselves were not so lucky. Calcium deficiency and disease took its toll quickly and it was only due to the fast action from the Geneticists of Croll Biochemicals, that the flagging population was to survive.

The Croll introduced a fast acting program of genetic manipulation and selective breeding program, which resulted in the members of the Corps becoming much shorter and more robust. The bones of the miners became many times denser than their human counterparts, much more able to retain calcium in the low gravity of their vessels and their hair grew thicker and more able to retain heat, helping with space survival. Not only that, but their shorter stature was also able to better cope with low temperatures and allowed them to create smaller and safer mining shafts when mining asteroids and extra-stellar planets, improving the survival rate ten-fold. This combined with an increase in the rod receptors in the recipients eyes, meant they were much better suited to the low-light environment beneath the surface of planets.

When the Croll withdrew to pursue their own agenda, the Mining Corps continued its mission to collect mineral wealth and to expand their fortunes. It was around this time that the leadership of the Corps realised that their people were becoming something else. They were many hundreds of years and several dozen generations separated from the Humans of Earth, it could easily be claimed that they were no longer human at all… it was about this time that they began to use the name “Diggers”.

Drawing strength and purpose from their new identity, the newly formed Digger Corps chose a home system from which to base their far-reaching expeditions. These home worlds came to be called the Vault Worlds, due to their massive structures made to house the wealth of the Corps and protect their valuable citizens.

Allies and Enemies

The Alliance of the Og

The Digger Corps have been a prime force amongst the world of the Hegira, they provide fuel, technology and wealth to the more backward planets, in return for the rights to mine the resources of the planets they visit. However, the Digger Corps are not without their limitations and it was during one fateful mission that members of the Corps came across the Og.

These huge humanoids are vaguely human in appearance, but they have lost a great deal of their history, including whether or not they were once humans of the Hegira. However, their planet is surprisingly beautiful, with abundant plant and animal life; one could almost say a paradise. So when the Digger Corps arrived with offers of technology and wealth, the Og were not very interested.

After a number of surreptitious surveys, the Digger Corps concluded that the mineral wealth of the Og was not worth the effort to recover, but that the Og themselves would be valuable allies, their impressive size and physical strength making them excellent labourers and guards. Many young Og took up the offer of adventure beyond the stars and the wealth they returned to their home was much more palatable to their families than selling the beauty of their home world to the diminutive Diggers.

The Cybydd Embezzlers

The Diggers have always had a strong work ethic and an honourable society, but that is not to say that this has always been the case. With wealth and power, comes corruption and criminality.

So it was that deep within the Digger Corps, was festering a kernel of dissent. They called themselves the Cybbyd Knot, a secret society of embezzlers and swindlers, who were secretly syphoning a sizeable proportion of the Digger wealth to their own hidden Vault Worlds and personal accounts. It was only through the secret investigations of some heroic Digger Auditors that the conspiracy was exposed and the perpetrators brought to justice… or at least it would have been, had not the majority of those involved, along with family and a sizeable portion of their personal wealth, not escaped to the hidden Vault Worlds and avoided prosecution… but that was not the last the galaxy was to hear of the Cybydd Knot.

Technology and Weaponry

Black Light Tech

The primary force behind the impressive mining technology of the Digger Corps is the development of Black Light (or UVaser) technology. UVaser consists of focussed beams of UV light, capable of cutting stone and fusing metal. The enhanced vision of the Diggers, allows them to see these beams in action, while those unable to view the UV spectrum, are unable to see anything other than a dull purple glow from a machines projection tube, before the beam takes effect.

It wasn’t a great step for Digger Corps engineers to upgrade their mining machinery to weapons technology and it’s this almost invisible array of weaponry that epitomises the security forces of the Digger Corps.

Dozer Suits

The pinnacle of Digger Corps personal engineering, the Dozer Suit is an enclosed uniform constructed of reinforced alloys, which contains a powered harness capable of augmenting the wearer’s strength considerably. These suits are used to mine particularly dangerous or extreme planets or environments, but more recently they have been upgraded with weaponry and used as support for the Digger Corps security forces.


Possibly the most precious element in the universe, Galaxinium is a crystalline material, capable of generating immense energy, when properly harnessed. Galaxinium is the cornerstone of the Digger Corps economy and its abundance amongst the Vault Worlds the reason they were chosen as the home base of the Corps.

Galaxinium is traded by the Corps to other worlds of the Hegira and the Diggers tirelessly search for more and greater deposits of this rare mineral. For without it, the galactic economy and advanced space travel would collapse, flinging the entire region back to the Stone Age.