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Scavenger Outlaws

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Scavengers Promo Set

Scavengers Promo Set The dregs of the colonies, mutated and spawned in the Rad Zones, these creatures are a plague on civilised worlds. Scavenging for equipment and food, their lives are short and brutal. Banding together with the decaying living dead, and often encountered with their mutated companions known as ‘Scaled Ones ‘, they raid installations for what they need. The Scavengers are slowly coalescing into a coherent force under the forceful leadership of the ‘King of The Scavengers’. Organization like this has not been seen from their kind before, and it now poses a major threat to the Colonies who are already struggling with Malignancy outbreaks and Digger incursions.

This set comprises of the 5 miniatures in the image above. These are the 1st 5 master miniatures of a set of 20 planned.

The Scavengers will be coming to Kickstarter later this year, but this set is available now in limited numbers.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and with a 30mm lipped base.

Painted By Jean-Baptiste Garidel


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