Dark Dwarves Pledge Levels


The Dark Dwarves Are Coming!

What are you pledging for?

We are looking to put the following new miniatures into production.

  • A unit of 5 Crossbows
  • A unit of 5 Double Handed Axe men
  • A unit of 5 Warriors with Axe and Shield
  • A mortar with 2 crew
  • A Bazooka Weapons team
  • A unit of 5 Bezerker Dwarves
  • 2 more Beasts
  • 2 weapon teams with gattling guns or flame throwers.

but on top of these we will be adding the existing range of miniatures to the Kickstarter.

An example of one of the five levels you can pledge on below.


As well as these 5 levels we will be offering a number of different add ons, including more packs and individual miniatures.


The RRP of these packs after the Kickstarter will be £10+, so by backing the kickstarter and supporting us now you will be receiving the benefit of 20%+ off the miniatures.

We hope you will join us on this project!


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